WOW! Chris Wallace CALLS OUT a Stunned Pelosi for Pushing Tourism to Chinatown in Late February (VIDEO)

Back in late February, 4 weeks after President Trump banned flights from China from entering the US, Speaker Pelosi was out urging tourists to hit San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Jan 31 — President Trump banned flights from China.
Feb. 5 — Democrats blasted President Trump for his China travel ban.
Feb 24 — Pelosi was pushing tourism to Chinatown.
March 13 — NY Mayor DeBlasio encourages New Yorkers to go about their daily lives as usual.

Last week Pelosi deleted a video of herself on Twitter walking around in Chinatown on February 24 downplaying the Coronavirus and urging people to “come to Chinatown.”

But the internet is forever.

On Sunday Chris Wallace gave Nancy Pelosi the first difficult question she has faced in years. Wallace called out Pelosi for pushing tourism in Chinatown — WEEKS AFTER President Trump’s travel ban.

Of course, Pelosi lied through her teeth in her response.

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  1. Apparently this site fears reprisals, or us able to be shut down by Democrats. Not a single video of Pelosi is a available. So sad

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