Weekly poll: What cameras do you use the most on your phone?


Excluding the odd iPhone XR or Pixel, every phone is doing the multi camera thing (and even those two are getting a second snapper soon). And that brings a lot of discussion as to which cameras we care about the most.

Phones like the rumored Google Pixel 4 or the existing Samsung Galaxy S10e are great examples of the difference in taste when it comes to photography. The Pixel 4 will gain a telephoto camera instead of an ultrawide, while the Galaxy S10e has an ultrawide in place of a telephoto and that inevitably leaves people unhappy.

The solution is simple – every phone should (and will, eventually) have at least a triple camera with a regular (wide), an ultrawide and a telephoto (either 2x, 3x, 5x or more) option.

Weekly poll: What cameras do you use the most on your phone?

So, given all three choices, which cameras do you use the most? Are you a main camera for the best quality type of shooter? Or an ultrawide nut for those dramatic-looking images (or maybe just fitting the most into the frame), or are you a sniper of far away scenes?

Have it out, pick your favorite and let’s see how the masses shoot.

Assuming you have all of them, which ones would you use on a regular basis?

We’ll be sure to revisit the subject in a week to see how you voted. This is one of the most intriguing questions around these days! Stay tuned.


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