WATCH: Hillary Clinton “Trump tried to hijack Christianity and the Bible in ways that are deeply hypocritical”

During a recent appearance with Sky News, 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused President Trump of trying to “hijack Christianity.”

Hillary Clinton:

They were totally peaceful protesters and what he was trying to do, as he often does, is to mischaracterize them and their behavior and their goals and lump them in with the tiny, tiny minority who took advantage of a tragic moment to loot and steal and vandalize — a tiny, tiny percentage — and he wanted to cast that over the millions of very thoughtful, non-violent peaceful protesters.

‘Trump tried to hijack Christianity and the Bible in ways that are deeply hypocritical.’

Former presidential candidate @HillaryClinton has spoken to Sky’s @KayBurley about the recent protests across America.


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    You and Nancy are fatal for america and beyond.

    Shame on you.
    You need to but behind bars..

  2. Deliberately burning down a Church is not a peaceful protest,hillary. You need to take your fellow socialists and leave the country. Better yet stay and get your orange jumpsuit!

  3. Hillary wouldn’t know enough about the BIBLE to accurately speak on this subject! Doubts that she even knows enough Biblical knowledge to ever accuse anyone of highjacking the Bible!

  4. Why would anyone listen to this she has taken money from foreign countries lied destroyed her e mails and took money from foreign others to her charity and tried to stop trump from winning in 2016 by trying to have trump impeached.

  5. When is she going to realize we don’t care what she thinks about anything anymore. She needs to be in jail.

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