Trump HUMILIATES Biden in the MIDDLE of His Boring Acceptance Speech with BRUTAL Takedown

Former vice-president Joe Biden thought he could rip into president Donald Trump and walk away without getting hammered.

During Biden’s boring Democrat nomination acceptance speech Thursday night, the former vp took a shot at Trump saying “the current president has cloaked American darkness for much too long, too much anger, too much fear, too much division…” obviously that was a very wrong move as Trump wasted no time in laying a massive smack down on sleepy old Joe.

From Gateway Pundit:
In the middle of Biden’s speech, President Trump tweeted an interview he did with Fox News host Sean Hannity criticizing Biden for running away from the media.
“He hasn’t answered a question since mid-July,” Trump said blasting Biden for only taking pre-approved questions from sycophantic reporters


President Donald Trump didn’t stop there, he followed up with a second tweet hammering Biden for being in Washington forever and still accomplishing nothing


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