October 1, 2022

Thousands of protesters stormed Times Square to demand the immediate resignation of president Joe Biden. Many of the protesters could be heard shouting “F*** Joe Biden”, and others took to shouting the popular Conservative slang of “let’s go Brandon…” The protesters who stormed Times Square in New York City in the morning were there to protest against the Covid-19 vaccine mandates.


The protesters who worry that the president’s new policies will take away their jobs and handout hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegal aliens have demanded the Joe Biden resign from the oval office for his gross incompetence. Even some moderate Democrats feel Joe Biden is to blame for their widespread loss in last week’s elections. And many democratic donors feel this is just the beginning if nothing is done soon to counter the president’s approach that is losing them voters.


President Joe Biden is currently having the lowest poll rating of any President during same time of their tenure in office. A recent poll further revealed that most voters prefer former President Donald Trump over Joe Biden for the 2024 white house race. And this now being confirmed by the reaction from these protesters in New York as they don’t even want to wait till 2024 to get Biden out of the Oval.

It got to a point where a woman got on a stage and told Biden that she has lost her patience with him prompting chants of “F— Joe Biden” from the crowd. After that, all eyes turned to a pole dancer who started performing her routine in the middle of the protesting crowd.


President Joe Biden’s administration has been repeatedly criticized by the American people for the lack of connection with the people. The vaccine mandates has shown that Joe Biden is out of touch with the reality on ground. Many employees will lose their Jobs as a result of the mandates. These include emergency workers such as firefighters, police and even sanitation officials. This has sent widespread outrage all over the country. GOP senators have vowed to block any attempt by the federal government to fund this vaccine mandates.



  1. I totally agree with them Sleepy Joe Biden is a disgrace to this country and needs to be removed from office immediately

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