October 3, 2022

The moment came as she attended a ceremony to inaugurate her as the educational establishment’s first female chancellor, Sputnik reported.

A 41-second clip shows the ex-secretary of state going toward the university as people in the crowd starts to yell “war criminal” several times, while other individuals were heard chanting, apparently telling Clinton “to go f**k yourself”.

Clinton will be the first woman to ever hold the post. Queen’s is a Russell Group university, the British equivalent of the Association of American Universities — and generally regarded as the most prestigious university in Northern Ireland.

Some other persons were also heard yelling “shame on Queen’s”, with the former Democratic presidential candidate looking unfazed by the apparent booing.

While some applauded during her degree ceremony, cries of “Shame on Queen’s! Shame on you!”, “War criminal!” and “Out! Out!” were heard.

Secretary Clinton is an internationally recognized public servant who has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to Northern Ireland. She has an enormous amount to offer the University and will continue to work as a key advocate for Queen’s on the international stage,” Professor Ian Greer, the president and vice-chancellor of Queen’s University, said in a statement.

The politician was originally appointed as chancellor in January 2020 but her installation was delayed because of COVID. She is the university’s 11th chancellor and the first woman to hold the title.



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