President Trump endorses Anti-Fauci Protests

According to him, “the government approved it, and now the January 6 committee has petitioned the government to ask them questions regarding their use of their First Amendment right to assemble.”

“And why would they subpoena me in the first place?” As Mr. Jim Jordan explained to the Washington Post, “I did not do anything illegal — I just chatted to the president.” “I communicate with the president on a regular basis. All of this is about coming after President Trump, and you know where I stand on this commission. I simply believe it is a good thing. That seems to be self-evident.”

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan claims that the Democrats’ committee examining the event at the United States Capitol on January 6 is a “total attack on the liberties of the American people.”

Jim Jordan, who has called for an investigation into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s role in the events of that day, erupted during a discussion of the committee’s approval of a criminal contempt report to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress. Jordan has previously called for an investigation into Pelosi.

Jim Jordan said that “11 people, 11 American citizens, were served with subpoenas after they requested authorization from the government in order to conduct the Trump event.”

As a result, “they instructed these firms that by the way, please do not notify the individual for whom you are being requested to retain information, do not let them know as the law demands, and please do not tell them that we have asked you to do this,” he added.

This is frightening in terms of where they want to go and what they are doing to fundamental liberties in the United States.” Finally, I would want to pose the basic question: how can you expect witnesses to engage if you are not allowing Republicans to participate in the committee in the first place?

What method will you use to do this? What this is all about, plain and easy, is that they have nothing else to say.” “We know what this is all about, it is clear and simple, this is about them having nothing else to say.”

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  1. These TYRANTS must be stopped now, we ( Americans) are not going to let these crimes go. & WE NEVER SHOULD…..We don’t want another WW2!!!!!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET !!!

  2. Get all these worthless demonrats out of the office ship them to Gitzmo Island where they’ll never walk on the land they destroyed . They’ve destroyed many good people..Put the best President back in office the one the demonrats stole his votes from President Trump..until you do this Americans will never be safe in our great country USA..

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