Pelosi’s Plan To Rig The Upcoming Election Is Dismantled By Top Republican Grassley

Prior, we announced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to rig the upcoming presidential election by compelling across the nation vote via mail.

This vote by mail is also supported by none other than Elizabeth Warren.

This vote-by-mail will leave a gigantic open door for voter extortion and fraud.

Pelosi is looking to support her nefarious arrangement of vote-by-mail by coupling it in a bill with the second coronavirus relief pack, which is intended for saveing and helping Americans.

Be that as it may, Senator Chuck Grassley isn’t too happy about surrendering to Pelosi’s requests as he was furious thuorghout the end of the week and charged the Democrats of starting a controversy on the  backs of the American people.

During an interview Saturday Grassley explained that Schumer and Pelosi “don’t stand on any grounds to be taken seriously” over the expanded coronavirus aid, and that the elections and infrastructure shouldn’t be thrown in as a consequence.

Grassley stated, “Schumer and Pelosi don’t have any grounds to be taken seriously. Since it’s evident that Congress appropriated the cash to get individuals back to work or to keep them off the joblessness rolls. What Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want are things that we still dont have the money for in the pot, and that we ought to wait and see how this thing plays out before we hand out any more from money that we dont have. And, for sure, anything that’s not related to the virus and the immediate pandemic and public health issues. Most importantly this should not be thrown in and mixed with other things, like, for instance, federalizing election laws and voting by mail.”

Grassley further expressed that he is willing to work in a bipartisan fashion but that he will not allow politicizing of a serious issue such as the Corona Pandemic.

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  1. There’s no good reason that Nancy Piglosi is using Oxygen. A worthier person can easily found in a homeless shelter somewhere. Same goes with Chucky the Shummer. A waste of Oxygen.

    • what are you saying that someone in a homeless shelter could be equal to or as worthy of person as her. please elaborate cause I’m dying to hear this excuse

      • They bleed red…and surprisingly so do those socialists. Only difference is the later will hurt anyone and everyone who gets in their way for power.

    • Absolutely right and I totally agree with you on the desolation of these swamp creatures.

  2. The left are dirty people. They will do and try anything to take down our President. Senator Grassley Is an American Patriot. Thank God he is standing up and pushing back!!

  3. I agree, these people have proved time and again and again, what sort of people they are. As cunning as Satan himself, but I bind the powers and principalities of of the air that dictate to them, and ALL kinds of spiritual wickedness in the high places, and I bring them collectively to Jesus Christ and into subjection to the Word of God. I command them all to bow down before Jesus Christ. Nancy Pelosi and all of the Democrats must bow down to Donald Trump and his family, and ask for his forgiveness and for the forgiveness of each of those in his cabinet. They MUST Repent and be baptized lest a worse thing come upon them.

  4. Voting by ” MAIL ” is a sure fire
    101 for Dummies SCAM !!!

    Tell me –
    Is there anyone in America who
    does NOT have the intelligence
    to understand what this means
    for all Conservatives ???

    And I’m not talking about all of
    you who SEE a black cow in the
    field and argue to the death that
    it’s white for your own agenda.
    We have your number.

    Conservatives you need to wake
    up and fight like you’ve NEVER
    fought before or it will ALL be
    lost, gone, kaput !!! Got it ???


    • Please, NO MAIL IN BALLOTS! America, look how far these disgusting so called Americans like her have damaged our government system. Let’s get rid of garbage already and look forward to a safe and honest election without these characters in pelocy’s gang . Let’s stick together and get rid of these crooks!

    • Phillip, thank you for your strong prayer.
      I’m sure God is saying, ‘now that’s a prayer!’ God Bless you in Jesus holy name

  5. We have to stop them or we will end up like China – slaves. They want power and control of everything. My family has fought for centuries for freedom and won’t quit now.
    I pray that Trump is strong enough to oppose them.

  6. I agree with Senator Grassley that’s some of the stuff they want to put in there is outrageous Nancy Pelosi needs to go

  7. I feel that Mr. GRASSLEY is 100% correct. The corrupt democrats keep abusing the system. They are nothing but crooks and they do not care about the people, they only care about getting more power.

  8. Pelosi and Schumer and the Democrats NEVER cease to amaze me. Their wicked motives serve only to satisfy their own selfish plans. O LORD, I pray you guide and protect our President and his administration from the leftist evil intentions of Pelosi and Schumer. Please stop this liberal attack. In Jesus Name. AMEN.

  9. I think it’s terrible how Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer among others have been able to do the things they have done! They want the American people to be unemployed and to blame this current administration. All they want is Big government and more power so they can get richer while we get poorer! Drain the swamp! Term limits!

  10. Mr. Grassley is correct! Pelosi aka WRINKLE BAG OLD SOW PIG, and Shumer aka CHUCKY CHEESE, with the transvestite wife. Need Prison for six months to build a gallows, TRUMP 2020

  11. Senator Grassley is correct. The democrats have cheated in every primary in 2020 so far. Look at the Iowa disaster. There is every reason to believe that any mail in campaign is being done in order to cheat.

  12. Okay folks, pay attention about what is going on right now in blue states…Those governors are behaving like dictators! Extending mitigation, some indefinitely. None of those actions have been based on data. Only self-satisfying power…and they’re loving it! The left is supporting China and spreading Chinese propaganda in the media and praising China on the great job they have done!
    Funny thing, Nancy has decided that House will not come back next week. See how concerned they are about a nation in crisis, their nation and all of us fools that are unemployed and standing in long food bank lines just to feed our family!
    Excuse me you greedy, selfish, sneaky witch of a woman…our country needs government to be able to step up, especially during times like these!
    You too busy cashing in on other insider training stocks you purchased in the beginning of this epidemic! Some kind of PPE manufacture?
    I have learned a ton of s..t during all of this and Nancy and her Socialists pals don’t give 2 s..ts about us! Only, you which of a woman, you work for us, we pay you and your pals, so get your asses back to work to help this country instead of continuing to hurt it! You haven’t done a damn thing since you’ve been speaker to make our lives better! No socialist is going to get my vote this year..NO SOCIALISTS!!!!! Smarten up Americans!

  13. Parasite pelosi should be oust from congress. She is making everything worse for our country with all her lies, and corruption. What are u ppl w8ing 4? Shes a disgusting dirt bag traitor, she needs to resign with the rest of the other scumbag liars on the dem party. Nancy is starting to look older, and saggy lately, it must be a lot of stress. How will she ever win now? Shes going to have to think of another way to cheat now Low class, pc of . The lying dem party, will be watched very closely, bc she/they, CANNOT be trusted. Shes trying to ruin our great country, with all her lies. Shes does not know what the hell shes d, or saying. Who in the world would want a bunch of liars to run our great country?

  14. The only way to stop this commie Bullshit is to drag them all out now by their flailing legs and take care of them ourselfs.Barr and Durham are taking far too long and they’ll probably get a pat on their backsides. IF THAT.!!!!!

  15. I thank God that He sees all ,the motive as well as the intent of the heart NO ONE gets over you reap what you sow ….This is a spiritual fight and read the end of the bible ,God and His true church WIN…Read the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn, get an understanding of what is going on and what will happen

  16. Haven’t we seen enough treason, sedition and government working as hard as they possibly can against us to start executing these people?

  17. No matter what the LEFT THINK, we need to return and OPEN THE BUSINESS We CAN DO IT!!! Use JUST THE COMMON SENSE BE carefully with the coronavirus. If we don’t do that American people will face more deaths than what it is now. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

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