Pelosi Caught On Camera Doing The Unimaginable Midst Coronavirus Pandemic

First, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff became stuck twisting President Trump’s words in an attempt to do away with him from office and now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi simply were given stuck on camera doing equal amid coronavirus pandemic. This suggests how desperate the Democrats are to make governance unbearable for Trump and his administration.

While speakme to the media, Nancy Pelosi made an outrageous claim mentioning that President Trump wants humans to inject themselves with Lysol:
“The president is calling human beings to inject Lysol into their lungs and, Mitch was pronouncing that states have to cross bankrupt. It’s a clear, seen within 24 hours of the way the Republicans reject science and reject governance.”

According to Gateway Pundit:
President Trump on Thursday at some point of his presser turned into regarding discussions of checking out ultraviolet light on sufferers and probably the usage of the light inside the body. “And then I see the disinfectant, wherein it knocks it [the virus] out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we are able to do some thing like that, by way of injection inside, or nearly a cleaning, motive you see it gets in the lungs.”

So Pelosi and the liars in the media once again twisted President Trump words and took him out of context if you want to assault him.

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    I Love this man!!!!! He is exposing these very corrupt politicians and speaking with absolute clarity and while they speak with thorns from the touge, & each time, the do nothing dem(s) deceive the people by there deceitful lies in trying to manipulate the truth with mainstream fake news media outlet(s) Freepress, doesn’t mean fake news, lies and deception(s) deceitful and manipulative presaudance with such manipulation(s) programmed onto & into the public with such chaos, disturbing lies, & disorder
    Such as MSMBC, CNN, ABC & ANY & ALL OTHER FAKE NEWS. We all know the truth about these career politicians and there political policymakers, lawmakers to make laws unconstitutional & infringe on our Freedoms.
    Law(s) that are not Lawful are not Law(s)
    Just because it’s a Law And or Law(s), doesn’t make it LAWFUL!!!!! Infact herein and as it is the and our Asolute opposite and our Right to deflect these infringement(s) And furthermore hold any and all Responsible & Accountable for there actions, not what they may or may not do.

  2. Pelosi is using age old tactics to divide and confuse and she is delusional! The democrats are desperate, They are all inches away from removal and being convicted and they know it! They are lost and oh so busted!! The last 3 years of their actions prove that! They have stepped in more shit, and it’s deep…..I say “What comes around, goes around”….suck it up, cupcake< it's our turn! Say bye-bye!!

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