New Zogby Poll Shakes Up 2020 Race – Between Donald Trump And Joe Biden, 51-43 Think Donald Will Be Re-Elected

If you listen to the mainstream media, you’d think that a man hiding in his basement was going to replace Donald Trump.
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They claim the COVID crisis and riots were all the fault of the president. And they’ve cooked up polls that are seriously questionable.

But a new poll from a respected pollster Zogby is painting a very different picture.

From Zogby Analytics:

Overall, a slim majority (51%) of likely voters thought, regardless of their political support, President Trump would win re-election over Democratic nominee Joe Biden (43%), while 6% thought someone else would win the 2020 Presidential Election.

According to this new report, 51% of likely voters believe Trump is going to be re-elected.

Forty-three percent say that Joe Biden will be elected president.

Our Take:
We know that the mainstream media is as trustworthy as Voldemort at a daycare center.

They have spent years deliberately trying to slander the president with negative news coverage.

So, should we be surprised that they’d spin recent crises as bad for the president?

They claim Trump bungled the pandemic and is responsible for the riots. Yet what was Joe Biden doing all this time?

He was hiding in his basement. When he does show up, he leaves us baffled at his inability to speak.

Yet we’re supposed to believe CNN, that has Biden winning by 14 points.

It’s beyond parody at this point.

With each passing day, Joe appears more and more confused, disoriented, and tired. Meanwhile, Trump is a powerhouse fighting to reopen the country.

He even ended the riots, which raged in liberal cities.

This poll by Zogby appears closer to reality. A majority of voters (regardless of party) think Trump is going to win.

It’s not an election poll, but a clear indicator of what Americans are truly feeling.

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  1. No main stream media is not fair along with nbc abc cbs they all lie about the president also lie about covid 19 riots btw they are all in this just so they can get MR Trump out of the White House it pretty sick how many people are they willing to kill just because they hate this man he has done nothing but good things works his ass off for us all it’s so damn disgusting every one of these people should be held accountable because they are nothing more than criminals just to get the truth you have to do a lot of research I think anyone with any common sense knows what is really going on in America now other countries are seeing this wow what a great example of good vs evil then there are those that believe everything the media tells them these people have no clue what is really going on and that’s what they are counting on but I know there’s a lot of people just like myself that are willing to fight to the death for this country President Trump included that they did not count on.

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