October 1, 2022

For now, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that former President Donald Trump will run for president again in 2024. Diffusion of influence to ensure, among other things, its position in 2024. What is he doing these days?

Fearing that Red state governors or their deputies will turn against him in 2024, Trump is assembling an army of candidates for America’s First Secretary of State and pushing them into Republican states across the country to make sure the critical position to be filled by America First candidates in 2024.

What’s so important to them? In general, the secretaries of the state have control over the voting process. In the words of Ballotpedia: “The incumbent often also serves as the chief election official in his or her state, administering statewide elections and maintaining official election results. To that end, President Donald Trump is assembling an army of election officials to help him maintain his already strong foothold in the red states while building new power bases in the purple states.

It has become such a significant and controversial tactic that it has even caught the attention of the New York Times Fake News. The following was actually reported by that publication, the New York Times: According to States United Action, a bipartisan organization that tracks secretary of state campaigns across the country, a total of 21 people challenging Biden’s victory are vying for secretary of state posts in 18 states. […]Many of them are running reliably for election-scaring Republican territories where their activities are unlikely to have a significant impact on the outcome of the presidential campaign.

Won in 2016, including key battleground states Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada up for grabs in the 2020 presidential election. Wayne Dupree’s website makes the following observation about the relevance of this: they raise concerns with watchdog groups, Democrats, and some Republicans who fear that if these Trump supporters are elected to positions primarily designed to help the democratic process protect and manage will build these positions to undermine Trump, either by completely undermining an election or by raising doubts about local, state, or federal elections that their party is not winning.

They were operated by the local counties and electoral authorities. Some held their posts for many years and did not see themselves as politicians but as chief bureaucrats entrusted with obscure tasks such as maintaining seals and keeping state archives among others.

As a result, Trump has assembled an army of secretaries of state who will work on his behalf to promote conservative values and run states the way he prefers. Although Trump is not in power now, the fact that so many powerful individuals are in the same situation allows him and his friends to fight for red states to adopt similar policies and continue the good fight in mutual support, when the year 2024 comes.



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