September 30, 2022

Dr. Fauci is most likely the most hated man in the United States right now. In a fierce and heated exchange on congress floor yet again, Senator Rand Paul called on the doctor to resign Immediately for his role in the infamous gain of function research. This is the 3rd time the top GOP Senator has had a clash with the Joe Biden’s appointed expert concerning the current Covid-19 crisis.

The senator blasted Dr. Fauci in the hearing held on Thursday, November 4th over gain of function research in Wuhan, China. Alleging that the doctor has learned nothing from this pandemic.

Paul (R-Ky.) Grilled the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, which is part of the national institute of health, on why he lied to the Congress and denied that the research was actually funded by the NIH prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.


He is incompetent, I have no idea how Americans can trust him, if he ran experiments with dogs , monkeys, and other animals. We are his biggest experiment, we the adults, and the children. Please DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN. He sees us as a useless eaters, who deserve to be eliminated.

Gain-of-function could cause a pandemic even worse than this in the future”, the GOP Senator said. He went on to lash out at the doctor, saying this could even endanger civilization as we know it.

The senator who appeared to be on fire accused Dr Fauci and NIH of creating a virus not found in nature, and that Fauci misled the American people by refusing to admit to it.

Majority of Americans now believe Dr. Fauci had a hand in the Covid-19 pandemic and even some Democrats no longer believe the doctor.

Meanwhile, Companies with more than 100 employees will be mandated to require coronavirus vaccinations for their workers or do regular testing by Jan. 4 under a new federal rule that will be released Friday by the Biden administration, senior government officials said. The president noted that vaccination mandates are backed by broad public support, pushing back against critics who predicted that such requirements would lead to mass firings and worker shortages. “As we’ve seen with businesses — large and small — across all sectors of our economy, the overwhelming majority of Americans choose to get vaccinated,” Biden said in a statement.


This was a premeditated Conspiracy. It was years in the planning and he fully understood this creation he funded would cost millions of lives and did harm to millions of survivors lives across the globe. He doesn’t have to admit he helped create this Deadly virus because there is overwhelming proof. This crime is a crime against humanity on a Hitler type level. He got in bed with the enemy and conspired to create viral warfare on the world and stood by and has lied to cover it up. Death is too good for him. Dr.Evil is his name.


  1. He has had his hands in this from the beginning. We even have documents provided that he paid Chinese lab to do experiments and research. He should be locked up for causing harm on humanity!

  2. Dr evil I’m thinking angel of death 2.0 in 1940 Dr Joseph mengele was in charge of ss officer’s for Hitler they have exchanged gas chambers for biological weapon posing as vaccine eugenics program ovarian cancer was up 18 percent in vaccinated women .he partnered with Gates ,Soros,and big pharma and patent this technology paid unc chappel hill 100 million to enhance virus 6 years ago in 2015 than sent it to Wuhan didn’t take long to let it escape .there wasn’t accident this is a planned demic God help us.

  3. He must be tried by an American court that will only be held to the constitution & accountable to the American People & globally because he did things at the cost of lives & livelyhoods.

  4. Pp needs to realize this is a very EVIL person. He has a lot of Democrats covering for him like HITLER did. Fauchi doesn’t care about you or noyour children. If ppl only realize how he hates ppl it would scare you to Death.

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