Judge Jeanine Sounds Off Alarm On Hillary Clinton’s Cover Up Of Biden’s Sexual Allegations

Hey dear readers. So here is the latest update. We found out that during the last town hall meeting which took place of Tuesday, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has decided to officially endorse Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Former US Secretary Hillary claimed that Biden is a close friend of hers and a person that she trusts compltley. She also claimed he had been preparing for this moment his entire life and he is ready for it.

However, we all know Joe Biden has had few sexual allegations made against him. He tried to brush it off several times before but it will be interesting to see how the Democratic party that claims to care about women’s right will totally ignore Joe’s sexual misconducts.

What is even more troubling is that Hillary Clinton completely ignored Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment during the virtual town hall event.

Reade who is currently 56 years old has worked in Biden’s Senate office in 1993, at that time she claims that Joe Biden has inappropriately touched her hair and neck and she recalls that one time when Biden touched her in her private parts while trying to kiss her.

Although Biden’s campaign has denied all these very serious allegations. We all remember the Me Too slogan which was championed by the Democrats “Believe Her”.

So why don’t they believe Reade Tara?

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Way back in 2018, Hillary Clinton told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow that she believes Dr. Christine Blasely Ford deserves the benefit of the doubt in her accusation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assualting her, and therefore his nomination for the Supreme Court should be revoked.

So how is it that now the same Hillary Clinton is keeping her mouth shut on these very severe sexual assualt allegations by Joe Biden?

The answer is that they do not care about women. They care about preserving their power and that is pretty much it.

Our brave Judge (Judge Jeanine) has refused to stay quiet and is going after Hillary’s hypocritical stance. Watch below what she had to say!


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  1. Hillary the American people know you are a crook n need to rot in jail. Take Pelosi, schumer,schiff n Maxine with you. This country will be better off.mike

  2. Crooked Killary should be in jail for the 4 counts of murder for the Americans she allowed to be killed in Benghazi

    AMERICANS are on to you!
    The jig is up KURU queen!

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