October 1, 2022

According to foxnews

The Five” discussed President Joe Biden appearing to fall asleep at a United Nations conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Monday. The panel pointed out that the president’s apparent doze lasted for a longer period of time – it wasn’t a mere few seconds.


“The president might have been exercising his right to prayer,” Harold Ford Jr. quipped on the latest Biden gaffe.


In a speech during his Europe trip, Biden stressed the importance of combatting climate change. “This is a challenge of our collective lifetimes. The existential threat, a threat to human existence as we know it. And every day we delay the cost of inaction increases. So let this be the moment that we answer history’s call.”


“He fell asleep during this climate thing – [and] this is what’s going to kill us all in a matter of years,” Jesse Watters said. “It does look dopey that the president is falling asleep at a climate change conference in Europe while Americans are suffering from high gas prices here. It’s off.”

I don’t intend to be anybody but Joe Biden, that’s who I am,” Biden said. “What I’m trying to do is, do the things I ran on to do, and look, people out there are ordinary, hard-working Americans [who have been] put through the wringer the last couple of years.”


“People are worried,” Biden added, suggesting that people do not understand why “the price of agricultural products” has increased.


“If we were all going out and having lunch together and I said, ‘Let’s ask whoever’s in the next table, no matter what restaurant we’re in, have them explain the supply chain to us.’ Do you think they’d understand what we’re talking about?” Biden asked.


“They’re smart people,” the president said, but he concluded the current crisis was a part of a “complicated world.”

Sandra Smith said, “And the whole point of being there was to say wake up – this is urgency.”


Watters pointed out that Biden’s travel itinerary for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference was not planned in the greenest fashion.


“The president – attempting to save the planet – [rode] around Rome in an 85-vehicle … gas-guzzling motorcade before this big summit,” Watters remarked sarcastically. Biden also a third of his cabinet and “an army of staffers to the global warming conference … while claiming the situation on planet Earth is so dire,” Watters continued.




Watters said that while Biden was attempting to impress the world with a forceful speech on climate, Americans were not as impressed with the president. “He’s not impressing anybody here at home,” Watters said.



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