Ellen Barkin: ‘Trump Is Responsible for More Dead than Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon combined’

Actress Ellen Barkin is joining the developing tune of Hollywood famous people asserting that President Donald Trump is making Americans kick the bucket, saying that the president is “answerable for additional passings than Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon.”

Ellen Barkin’s allegation seemed to allude to U.S. passings that have come about because of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. The Animal Kingdom star posted the tweet on Wednesday wherein she additionally contrasted President Trump with Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin.

“Trump is responsible for additional passings than Kennedy Johnson and Nixon,” the Ellen Barkin and Ocean’s Thirteen star said. “He will stand out forever as the Stalin of inadequacy and voracity.”

Ellen Barkin gave off an impression of being alluding to the Vietnam War by summoning Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon. In excess of 47,000 American assistance individuals were murdered fighting during the Vietnam War, as per the U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs.

Barkin is the most recent Hollywood star to nail American passings to President Trump. Not long ago, Barbra Streisand reprimanded the president for 20,000 U.S. passings from the coronavirus. Different big names to cause comparable allegations to incorporate Rob Reiner, Mike Birbiglia, and Cher.

As of late, Barkin has offended Trump supporters, calling them “moronic” and the “most outrageous right-wingers since the Nazis.”

Why all these Hollywood celebs attack President Trump when he was the first to close flights from Europe while they called him all the names in the book and they wanted to keep the gates open for more corona to be brought to the US.


  1. This idiot has bumped her head repeatedly on the sidewalk or with a large rock. A Hollywood intervention because she is addicted to stupid pills

  2. Hopefully the whole filthy, vile Hollywood bad actors guild and their fans will be sent directly to hell with their destructive bad actor in chief satan!

  3. Ellen is a demonic has been who looks like the living dead. She thinks somehow she will get work from her remarks. She won’t.

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