DNC House Rep signals warning to Democrats – People in her district said directly they are voting for Trump

As if on cue, the mainstream media has produced polls that suggest Joe Biden—a man who has hidden in his basement for months—is going to defeat Donald Trump in November.

The predominately liberal media seemingly ignores Joe Biden’s off-putting mental decline, consistently pointing to polls that their own networks have produced.

But one Democrat is raising the alarm, as she did in 2016. And, just as in 2016, she is being ignored:

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), who calls herself “Debbie Downer” for repeatedly raising the alarm in Democratic circles, said she heard directly from people in her district that they plan to vote for Trump in 2020…

She was among the few Democrats to warn that Hillary Clinton was on track to lose Michigan: “Anybody who believes the polls right now is overconfident.”

To many, history is repeating itself. Democrats were confident in 2016 that “nobody” would vote for a political novice like Trump over a long-term figure like Hillary Clinton.

All the polls predicted an overwhelming victory for the former First Lady—despite the obvious momentum behind Trump’s campaign.

Today, Trump is running after four years of fulfilling campaign promises. Despite a pandemic, the economy is rebounding and enthusiasm among conservatives is high.

Once again, the liberal media is pushing their own polls, predicting Joe Biden is going to clean up.

Dingell is warning Democrats that in her own town people are telling her they will vote for Trump. Branded “Debbie Downer,” it appears Democrats are ignoring her.

It seems they are not bothered by Trump’s massive campaign war chest, Joe Biden’s total lack of enthusiasm (or mental fortitude), and the recent Trump rally that was viewed by millions online.

Once again, it appears Democrats are believing their own press, clinging to polls and ignoring reality. Dingell is trying to wake up the party to the reality that Biden just might not be able to reach the finish line.

But will the party listen to her warnings?

Key Takeaways:
Democrats are championing polls that say Joe Biden will win in November.
Democrat Rep. Debbie Dingell is warning that people in her district are voting for Trump.
It appears Democrats are about to experience a repeat of 2016, with yet another Trump victory.


  1. With the Demonic Rat party not condemning the violence of the BLM and the way the Demonic Rat party has treated people in their states over the virus , taking rights away even trying to take away guns, the Demons are going to lose millions of voters.

  2. But he’s getting up there LYING straight to our faces first of all. Treason second of all. Sedition Pedophile Rapist Uranium One Gun Running. Ukraine, China Corrupt AF how about Prison instead of Presidency?

  3. I know that President Trump is going to win way bigger than he did in 2016 the only way he could lose is by the Democrats cheating with their mail in voting

  4. I live in south Africa and am appalled at the Democrats behaviour towards the president. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace. For all the sins of politicians in south africa (namely corruption) at least they treat each other with respect and dignity. Shame on the you.

  5. Reap what you sow, while confidence is sexy, overconfidence will be your downfall.
    These are not the candidates you are looking for, move along.

  6. STOP the CCP controlled DEMOCRATS that support and protect all the violence in our country!! Vote REPUBLICAN on your ballot and REELECT PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP 2020 a great man FIGHTING for all AMERICANS

  7. They better listen and listen good. The American people just recently found out about all their corruption and lies literally in the last 3 years a wave of eye opening information has been revealed. We are pissed and if they think for one minute that we will allow this election fraud they are out of their minds. We cant wait to see them try. Like the incredible hulk says. You will not like it when we are angry.

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