Nancy Pelosi Finally Reveals Her Evil Intentions Against President Trump

Hello dear readers. As you all know the House Democrats will not stop and will not get tired until they unseat President Trump and strip him off his title as the PTOUS. Despite. And here is another example of, Pelosi and her minions wont be giving up any time soon.

The House Judiciary Committee claims it must have the grand jury secrets found in the Mueller investigation in order for them to keep on investigating President Donald Trump for presumably impeachable criminal offenses, all this despite the corona epidemic going on!

The Democratic controlled House told  the US court of Appeals of the DC circuit on Wednesday that they should not delay the access to the Muller Investigation material, this is in complete contrast to the previous appeal deciding that the House would not be privy to such material.

 “As the Committee previously told this Court in December, its investigation into President Trump’s alleged misconduct is still ongoing, and the grand-jury material will inform its determination whether President Trump committed additional impeachable offenses in obstructing Special Counsel [Robert] Mueller’s investigation and whether to recommend new articles of impeachment.” 

The Democratic controlled House has vowed that  it would take further steps to keep the grand jury material secret as the committee reviews it. The Justice Department, however, had argued that if it turns over the material to the House Friday, it will “upset the status quo … irreversibly breaching the secrecy of those materials.”

If the grand jury material is revealed then redacted information and transcripts and more evidence from the Mueller grand jury investigations (including what former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort said about the President in his secret testimony).

This would mean that the government has lied that the testimony would remain confidential. The House claimed it believes this material could support an impeachment case that the President obstructed justice. However as we all know, Mueller did not find evidence to prove coordination between the campaign and Russia to interfere in the election, and left the decision on whether to charge the President for obstruction up to Justice Department leadership.

Do you understand what is going on? The Democrats are still going on about this obstruction and Russia Collusion Hoax in 2020.

It appears they do have the Trump Derangement Syndrome!

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Source: The Hill , CNN


      • It’s a last ditch effort to acquire and alter if possible the report to suit their agenda before their treasonous heads start to roll. They are not above anything up to and including assassination.

  1. Not using taxpayers dollars . We’ve already paid for this fairy tail and the verdict determined . No collusion, No interfering, No crime by President Trump or anyone in his campaign. Nancy & her gang are way over the line. They are interested only in how they can weaponize the power of their Office & use taxpaper funds for their agenda. They don’t give a hoot about representing the citizens, or their Oath of Office.
    SHAMEFUL & irredeemable acts against the American People.

  2. Please shut Pelosi up. She is a drunk, deranged woman of 80 who should not be representing anyone when she can’t control herself.

  3. I’m just wondering if there is any type of executive order her can sign to make them stop harrassment? Or can he go to the highest court and get some kind of gag or restraining order against them?
    I dont know much about the rules. These might be dumb questions but I support President Trump. I think there is alot of Democrats that are crooked.

  4. There is more than enough evidence to both TRY AND CONVICT THE DEMOCRATS INVOLVED IN ALL OF THIS MAKE BELIEVE COVER UP WITH NO END. Put them all behind bars… Comey… Clinton… Obama… Schumer… Biden… Struck… all of them… evidence is available everywhere… no need to dig up a thing. This will finally stop the bullshit. C’mon Republican PARTY… GROW a pair and put them away already. NOW NOW NOW….

      • No it was the Clintons and GORE that made all the deals with the ChiComs with nuclear multiple war head guidance systems.

        Then Gore had to return at least 20 million in illegal campaign donations to the ChiChoms.
        So no it was the 1992 – 2000 administration that was Commie lovers til Obama/Biden really became whoars to the EU, Middle East, China, Russia, NorComs, Chavez, Mexico + North Africa…!

  5. This is such a waste of our Tax Payers money, It is evident they are hiding stuff because they do not want to IMPLICATE themselves in the crime. Now everything these democrats say about Trump I get the Rubber/Glue syndrome. They are projecting all of their faults and Crimes on him. To me, this is just an admission of guilt on their part as far as I am concerned! They keep refusing to work for the American people so who cares if they take out 1/2 of the government! They refuse to work anyway!

    • The Democrats have committed so much fraud and treason they are literally fighting for their lives they would do or say anything to discredit our amazing President Donald Trump. these people are ruthless and they need to be stopped immediately this has gone on for way too long it’s time to bring light to the dark

  6. I hate to say this but these Democrats got to go we need new faces we need people who will work with the president and not Mock every step he takes especially pelosi who half the time is drunk and don’t know what’s she’s saying ,just like that pervert pedifile Biden who can’t tell who’s his wife or sister Hello!!

  7. Pelosi should be in jail. She’s a drunken evil bitch and will hang for all her evil deeds against the President and crimes against humanity. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and all the other evil Democrats in office need to be publicly executed for bringing false impeachment charges against our President. Pelosi and all you other hate filled Democrats, remember, you lost the election. Get over it you stupid idiots! Work with the President and get things done and stop trying to remove the president from office. Republicans would never do that to you if a Democrat won! You evil people are idiots and brain dead. Do your job or get the hell out of office, you evil bitches!

    • Patty you need to understand the Democ-rats, fake media, Deep-State fully intend to aid the Globalist and their construct the UN in taking this nation down to then force there NWO order on us.
      SEE info on the UN “Agenda 21 + 2030”

      They have been at this since Woodrow Wilson(D) +Democ-rat Congress in 1913 un-Constitutionally installed foreign owned banks over our monetary system they call the Federal Reserve + their illegal sidekick offspring the IRS.
      They started infiltrating education at that time for socialism which is now full on Marxist indoctrination.

      Do realize they want full control its not politics = you see they are evil liars to the core and it’s people like you + me they hate for they ate all Athiest Marxist.
      Trump is our teeth in their rears.
      It’s “WE the people” that love a free America that they rabidly hate.

      It will be either them or us and they work for the Dark side.
      WE must choose whom WE will serve and the Light of Liberty here is also the world’s last hope.

  8. Skeletor Pelosi needs to just get
    On her broom and fly see if she can keep her ice cream frozen on her trip to the hubs of hell.!!!

  9. Pelosi is a no good treasonous piece of $hit. Her, UpChuckie, Schifty Schitt, fat GoNads are a waste of air. Schifty really needs his a$$ beat for the basement scam. Maxi pads gonna “impreach 45” before she gets the eternal dirt nap

  10. The Democrats will stop at nothing to get President Trump out of office . Itsthheir mission in life to get a duly elected president from serving his terms Trump 2020 These scumbag democrats shut down everything except planned parenthood to perform abortions sick mother fuckers they keep the A.erican people in quarantine to save lives but kill babies makes a lot of sense right WRONG

  11. Nancy Pelosi is a enemy of the state. She is a treasonous vipor who needs to retire from politics. Her example can’t be tolerated.

  12. The Dems clown show won’t end until their all arrested, they won’t stop. Their only chance of escaping Gitmo is by removing POTUS in anyway possible.

  13. Jail them all or trump should shut the house down obarma in in the middle of this shit he was devostated when trump won stop spending tax payer money and making law makers rich ahut the goverment down trump make them pay

  14. They want Trump out and unelectable this November. The only way these Treasonous people will stop is to bring charges of Treason or other serious charges. OR, unseat them!!

  15. There is a group of elected officials who are anti american obstructionists who are doing every thing They can to deny the freedom of the constitution to the leagal citizens of the USA. We gave bloodto protect it. Now they, the power mad elected would take the citizens rights and their tool’s ofself defense away from the common citizen. They wish to pass laws that make all workers slaves to the corrupt power mad. Bring in so many illegals to overpower your vote. Yes. Bribe them to come with socialism. Free money. Money you earned for your families and your selves. Giving your lifes blood to the aliens. Take away your ability to protect and serve. A slave unable to protect his family his god his country. Himself. Slave. You going to let them take all you weapons of self defense guaranteed by the 1st and 2nd and the rest of your protections under the law. States do not have the rights to locally change your protections. Unless you let them. Break away and become soviern countrys. Illegal aliens sanctuary City’s gun banning are all ways to enslave the legal citizens. Stop being sheep. Be Patriots. Stay free. Read history. France went through a time simularly where enobled. The people in control. They said. They are workers let them go hungary we politicians the enobled. Are above the law. We make laws on the citizens. Not us we are above the law. Wake up. The law of the land means everyone. They are trying to take your voice. Your vote. So you cannot protect yourself and your family or your country. Give me your gun! Shut up. Go to work now then your neckis under. Communism and Socialism. Did you vote for it or just let them poor refugees. The illegals in and give up your vote. SUCKERS. SUCKERS EVERYWHERE UNITE! STAND-UP FOR YOUR FREEDOMS. DONT GIVE THEM TO THE POLLITIONS. THE WOODBE DEMIGODS.

  16. Don’t let Facebook who is owned by china sencor us. Nor our gov. Take back control. Impeach all treasonous politicians. Get them out b4 it’s 2 late. Watch the CHINA sea war. Watch big gov plowing our food under. Kill our meat rite at market time. Gonna get our food from other countrys. I have FAMILY in these different occupation they tell me this. Plz plz take care 2 plant a garden, stock up on can meat, not from china. Plz take care of ur family. May GOD BLESS YOU N URS

  17. From the first time seeing Nancy Pee-lousie one could sense she was a puppet parrot…!

    Likely getting audio instructions directly into her ear under her hair as to what to say…!

    Seems likely if you think about it as she hesitates then stumbles thru words she’s not actually thinking herself but merely repeating in trying to make them sound like her own.

    Her real intelligence level comes thru in off the podium interviews like at home with her “stocking up” on big $ ice cream while millions can afford any….!

    She’s merely a parroting puppet for elite manipulators and actual American people are not a real concept to her…!

  18. What continues to not only insult my intelligence and common sense, here is what I know…. if any of us commoners did our jobs as poorly as the House of Representatives we would have gotten our pink slips real quick! The money (OUR)money!!! They have have been wasting our money on B.S. witchhunts instead of doing their jobs!! Can we as citizens get a petition that gives us the right to set term limits, bring them before job review boards and Fire them so we don’t continue to be in this situation it should be a NATIONAL vote or we should at the very least have a review board made up of U.S. citizens not any Senators or Reps I just have one question for the Dems… what happened to the party that had a Great President ask this question of us ALL “Ask not what your Country can do for YOU, Ask what YOU can do for YOUR COUNTRY

  19. The Dems should have to pay for all the investigations into President Trump. Not us tax payers. Then they should be fired. And then charged with every U.S. death from the corona virus. If they did not try and make up story after story we all could have worked together to see what was coming and been further ahead of this virus to protect Americans. They did raise their hand and swear on a bible to do this.

  20. You know what they say don’t ya…big mouth little…you can finish. This is karma. The more they go on the bigger ASSES they make of themselves and show their intelligence.

  21. Enough is enough. Someone put a lid on these evil Democrats.
    They claim Trump is tearing this country and its people apart. I beg to differ it’s the Democrats.
    I can’t believe the hate and so much disrespect these people have against this man.
    I can’t see anything that he has done other than be a man, beat back Hillary Clinton the real devil, and put the people and country first.
    Trump is what we need now. 2020 hurry up. The people need to get back to work. Our economy needs to get back. With Trump in the drivers seat we can do anything.
    People let’s get the House back, keep the Senate and White House. 4 more years.
    Send Pelosi and her minions home to eat icecream.

  22. The American people should vote all the present Democrats out of office in November.
    And then put them in jail.

  23. Really? There’s a PLANNED-DEMIC happening & they’re not at all concerned about Americans getting back to work but let’s keep up the whole original witch hunt… their TDS has morphed into HUAS…
    Head Up Ass Syndrome

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