Cashing Out: Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband Earn Big midst Corona Crises

in a period of worldwide mayhem where a large number of guiltless individuals have died with U.S having the most elevated number of setbacks, its upsetting how Pelosi is cheerful making benefits… .

The house speaker, Nancy Pelosi together with her spouse are now taking advantage of 5 million dollars of Amazon stock purchased during the Coronavirus pandemic ,is this even lawful?

Tuesday morning, Pelosi’s stock buy had just earned the couple $1.1 million in under 10 weeks. The Amazon share cost climbed near $2,000 on Tuesday. Paul Pelosi, the speaker’s spouse, got in at a cost of $1,600 from every one of the offer, 3,000 offers on Jan. 17, as indicated by monetary revelations.

Likewise, Paul Pelosi held 40 extra  Amazon stock as well and sold those on Jan. 17 likewise, netting him somewhere in the range of $500,000 and $1 million, financial disclosure forms.

This means $2 million in benefit have been made by the Pelosi Family.

And after all of this the media will not investiagte how is it the Nancy Pelosi can benefit from buying stocks at Amazon at a time of national pandemic.

Pelosi will continue to play it holier than thou and the media will continue to blame Trump for his spoused greed.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi saw her riches rise significantly a year ago, from only more than $20million to a tremendous $35.2million.

Building up Pelosi’s place as perhaps the wealthiest administrator in the nation, the abrupt 62 percent rise was uncovered in the yearly arrival of structures specifying the benefits and liabilities of congressmen today.

Nothing new!

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  1. I think every member of Congress and the Senate should have their salaries cut by 75% during this crisis. I think every Governor and Mayor should have their salaries cut by 75% during this crisis as well as Fauci and Birx. If the citizens have to suffer so should they suffer along with us. Nancy Pelosi should get no salary till this is over because she seems to be profiting in the extreme from keeping the citizens’ prisoners.

  2. Hilary,Nancy,andMr. Shifft,with Soros’s backing,and his Open Socitiy Network has just about destoredAmerica.Jail them now!

  3. There must be accountability for this unprecedented abuse of power that targeted not only President Trump but also the Constitution. Support President Trump and put an end to these unconscious incompetent delusional ruthless corrupt Democrats/Liberals Politicians, the solution is to VOTE the entire bunch of these hypocritical delusional ruthless corrupt obstructionist Democrats/Liberals Politicians and backbiting RINOs, out of our government, and deport George Soros out of America, close all of his so call businesses. They are dismantling America and our Constitutional rule of law while stripping America and every law-abiding American’s civil rights and liberties away as they work to transition America into socialism.

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