U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., waits as protesters yell during a press conference on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

On Monday, during President Trump’s convention in New Hampshire. Iritated Supporters recited “lock her up” about Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The chant broke out as Trump complained about Pelosi’s directly during his State of the Union location a week ago.

During the convention, Trump said “I had someone behind me who was muttering awfully.” Mocking Speaker Pelosi, he said “whispering, very distructing.”

That was the point at which the supporters propelled into chants of “lock her up” as Trump stood, gesturing his head.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised senior Democrats that she’d prefer to see President Donald Trump “in jail”.

Pelosi met with Nadler (D-N.Y.) and a few other top Democrats who are forcefully seeking after investigations against the dully elected president, as indicated by numerous sources.

Nadler and other board pioneers have been entangled in behind the scenes war for a considerable length of time over responsibility for Democrats’ rambling investigations concerning Trump.

Nadler squeezed Pelosi to permit his advisory group to dispatch a denunciation request against Trump — the second such solicitation he’s made as of late just to be rebuked by the California Democrat and other senior pioneers. Pelosi stood firm, repeating that she isn’t available to indict Trump as of now.

“I would prefer not to see him arraigned, I need to see him in jail,” Pelosi stated, as per various Democratic sources acquainted with the gathering. Rather than arraignment, Pelosi still wants to see Trump vanquished at the polling booth and afterward indicted for his supposed violations, as per the sources.

The left continues to play the victim while at the same time attacking the President and deligitimizing him 24/7 on all Major Left News Outlets.

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  1. Pelosi, Schifty,GoNads and UpChuckie are all the same. They hate America being Free, they have let TDS overtake all ability to think rationally, They lied to the FISA court on all 4 applications. It looks good on a few of them going to prison. Pelosi and Schiff should go first but at least Brennan, Comey, Clapper answer can only hope more of these corrupt a$$clowns will get locked up

    • Everyone be aware of the masks that Gov. Bought from China. There is a good possibility they could be as tainted and Chinas nose swab tests. He stated today he was rolling them out this week. Someone check them cause the hate mongering of his Aunt and Brown, it wouldnt surprise me if they re infected the State.
      Warning #2 there is more evidence that Michelle Obonkers is going to be Bidens pick for Vice Pres.she/he has filled out all the paperwork.

  2. Trump said “if elected he wluld drain the swamp”. Now think about that. Would law abiding morally sound politicians worry about Trump? Of course not. Only swamp creatures who are corrupt, taking bribes from lobbyist and stealing money from tax payers would want to impeach the president. Or want him jailed before he interupts their cash flow. Think about that don’t be on the plantation any longer. Trump is trying as hard he can to help Americans think for themselves and to stop being slaves to the main stream medias lies. And the left wing NAZI’s who are trying to keep Americans in slavery.

  3. Let allthe “swampy” things Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer band other dirty Democrats plan for PRESIDENT TRUMP fall on their own heads.Let Hilary Clinton and Bill and maybe Chelseq be put in jail as soon as possible. Let all the “ugly” Hollywood “celebraties” not ne able to find work. Let the righteous reign over them in spitit and truth.

  4. The dems.have caused America to suffer in their attemps to gain power….they have shown no care for what happens to us in order to destroy our President …Donald Trump needs to stay in office much longer than 4more years ….

  5. I don’t know what she’s going to have Trump jailed for. It’s not like she even HAS the power… to jail anybody. I hope she HAS gotten wealthier as a result of covid 19. That means she had that much more to lose. And l pray for justice, that every penny of her ill-gotten gain is returned to the ppl, fron where she undoubtedly pilfered her riches. What a foul creature. A vile human being driven by demons and directed by elite non elected forces. A twat in every sense of the word.

  6. Let her stay home and eat icecream, or lock her up either way we won’t have to listen to her crying. She it’s so pathetic. If she wants Trump investigated so bad let her finance it. As a tax payer I’m tired of footing the bill for the BS she’s throwing.

  7. What a stupid pathetic lying excuse of a civil servant. She think that she is so rare above the law that we the people cant have her investigated. Our goverment for the people by the people and we cant allow thos thieving lying corrupt ice cream queen to do anymore damage to our constitution af the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. LET’S HAVE THIS SELF CENTERED RITCHOUS BITCH WALK AROUND WITH OUR MICROSCOPE IN HER ASS. INVESTIGATE THIS BITCH AND THE REST OF THE CORRUPT CRIMINAL COMMIERATS.

  8. We need to get people in the districts of these sewer rats to fight to get them out of office. I live (don’t tell anybody) in pelosi’s ,(will not dignify her with capital p) district. Already started a poster campaign. We need to work together (6feet apart) to put these people where they belong; anywhere but public office, but preferably jail for crimes against the American People.

  9. Pelosi is Committing Unethical Violations Daily. There are 26 Regulations she must FOLLOW TO BE A REPRESENTATIVE.
    Pelosi BREAKS 1-7 DAILY.
    Contact The State of California Attorney General. THIS MUST BE DONE IN WRITING. Xavier Becerra.
    Tell him You Want Pelosi, Waters whomever else from Ca INVESTIGATED FOR UNETHICAL VIOLATIONS. YOU have the WORLD AS A WITNESS. Pelosi Violates 1-7 Daily. There is Also Laws on Nepotism. I think Sleepy Joe needs to be Investigated on that list as well.
    Dept Of Law/CA/Executive/ETHICS.
    Flood his Email Box. Careful he’s a democrat.

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