Right-wing activist Laura Loomer along side other protesters invades House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Napa home.

The invaders then requested that they be let inside the house.

Due to the fact that the whole incident was broadcast live on Twitter, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has previously said that a border wall is immoral, will have to explain why she did not summon her butler to allow them in and give them a lunch.


For her own good, House  Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have utilized President Trump’s plan – 30 feet of gorgeous impenetrable steel slats – so that she wouldn’t be forced to appear like she’s a schmuck no matter how she dealt with these illegal invaders.


With vehicle that was decorated with images of Americans who had been slain by illegal immigrants strewn over its surface, which she and her companions carried. Guatemalan nationals claimed to be among the members of L**mer’s organization.


This is really rather amusing.

It will be fascinating to observe how Speaker Pelosi responds to this incursion into her office. Given that California is considered a sanctuary state, it’s difficult to see what legal recourse Pelosi may have if they’re illegal immigrants.

That indicates that the authorities have refused to cooperate with ICE. According to previous police and court acts, the perps may expect to be handed desk appearance tickets and then permitted to evaporate into thin air if the authorities follow the same course as before.

Laura L**mer, on the other hand, is a naturalized citizen of the United States. That too is a conservative America that is not afraid to speak up. Because of this, she is likely to receive a far more severe punishment.


After her face, which has been frozen by too much Botox and held in place by pancake makeup, has melted and her mouth has become functional again, we won’t know what Ms. Pelosi’s reaction will be.


The exact length of time it will take is still unknown.

It was an appalling exhibition of hypocrisy on her part — after all, she is a politician, isn’t she? – In her remarks on the border wall, Pelosi called it “immoral.”


As a result, it is in this spirit that we address Ms. Pelosi:


“Demolish this wall as soon as possible!”

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  1. Then this will be what you call poetic Justice.. Nancy peloski has been in office too long and she needs to be gone it’s gone she’s destroying this country a little-by-little by little. Chicken a little I think what we want a Call her

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